Jeff Berkley, The Producer

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Berkley Sound is Wherever Berkley Is

While the physical location of Jeff’s studio facility has changed over time, so has Berkley’s ideas about what is needed to produce records. The technology available now allows Berkley Sound to be wherever Berkley is. In other words, if you have a studio where you live but you want the Berkley Sound, Jeff can come to you, simple as that. In fact, he has traveled to Austin, Texas and up and down the coast of California for production duties, and the sky is the limit.

Berkley Sound in San Diego

You can also come to San Diego to work in the facility Jeff owns where he often hosts clients. “The space was built in the ’70s and is an amazing, groovy sounding space,” Berkley explains. “We built out the live room, and it sounds and feels amazing and there.”

Why Berkley Sound?

When you work with Jeff Berkley, you are hiring him for his impeccable ear and because you know the process is going to be fun and produce great results. Jeff’s organic approach and respect for the music fuels the energy to capture artists in magical moments surrounded by big, warm, earthy tones.

Jeff Berkley has been making recordings and involved in the process of recording for close to 35 years working in genres including folk, alternative rock, pop, reggae/ska, jazz, hard rock, Americana, children’s, spoken word, and more.

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