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Jeff Berkley is a native San Diegan who has made music his life. Even with all of his musical experience, he’s not done exploring his musical boundaries. He’s created a new project, one with just his name on it.

Debut Solo Album

Ready for release in late May 2017, Jeff Berkley has created a solo album with all original material called ‘Whorehouse, Hot Sauce & Souvenirs.’

Over the past several years, Berkley has spent a lot of time on the road, traveling to gigs in Northern California, Arizona, and beyond. Asked about the title of the album, he explained, “It’s from a line in one of the songs called ‘I Wish I was There.’ It’s from a big road sign outside Death Valley. It’s meant to signify that it’s not so glamorous out there and sometimes it’s good to get home.”

Drawing inspiration from the highways and byways through California’s diverse scenery, the morning hum of rubber against asphalt, and the drowsy dip of the sunset into the ocean, these are songs from the road. The music is colored with the sounds of the Mississippi Delta and New Orleans with additional vision extracted from The Band, The Grateful Dead, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, ACDC, and beyond.


Berkley self-produced the album around San Diego using a bevy of the musical city’s top talent including Duncan Moore, Rick Nash, Jason Littlefield, Sharon Whyte, Doug Pettibone, Ben Moore, David Beldock, Jim Soldi, Chris Fulford-Brown, Jason Mraz, Veronica May, Cathryn Beeks, Marcia Claire, Matt Silvia, and Bre & Adisa Baltrip. Additionally, the music features a horn section and a choir.

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